AC Wiring

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As Summer is coming soon many people think to install new Air conditioner for their homes. Basically for homes there are two types of air conditioner available in market as given below:

  1. Window AC
  2. Split AC

Window AC is installed in window’s only as the name itself perdicts Window AC. Split AC can be installed in any room at any location but Split AC consists of two units Indoor Unit and Outdoor Unit, so its wiring is difficult as compared to window AC. Here we would discuss the wiring of window ac and complete accessories required to install with window AC for its proper functioning.

Material list required to install window AC

  • Miniature Circuit Breaker
  • Double Pole Switch
  • Flex Outlet

Minature Circuit Breaker (MCB)

MCB is a device that provide short circuit and overcurrent protection to the equipment. If there is any kind of short circuit takes place in wires or in ac circuit then MCB trips due to large current flowing and saves the AC from damage.

Miniature Circuit Breaker

Also when AC takes large current due to overloading of motor and compressor then in that case also MCB trips and saves the equipment from any damage. So MCB is most important device to be used in window AC circuit.

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DP Switch

DP Switch is also called Double Pole switch It is also used with window AC Its mainly a switch consists of both live wire and neutral wire, This switch is operated manually and can control both phase and neutral simultaneously.

DP Switch

Also watch Video on Wiring of Window AC

Flex Outlet

Flex Outlet is basically a connector that connects phase, neutral and earth wire and also consists of fuse system in phase that prevents window AC from any kind of sparking,voltage fluctuations etc.


All devices has discussed and required for wiring connection of Window AC Now complete wiring of all devices along with Window AC has shown below:

Window AC Wiring

I hope you will get complete knowledge of Window AC wiring and this article helps you, Thanks for reading this article

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