Why does Geyser switch melted ? Common reasons explained.

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Hey guys Now a days use of Electrical geyser is increasing day by day at our homes. During winter season we can’t imagine to take our bath with cold water so for heating of water either we do it by gas burner (chullah) which is very costly and inconvenient for everyone, Another easiest way to heat water is with Electric Geyser.

When we install new geyser at our homes we found that there is regular melting of geyser switch,socket and wires used for geyser. As a result question rises why it is happened As we are also using various other electrical appliances at home but there is no melting of switches takes place. There are various reasons behind the melting of switches like loose wiring, improper Ampere of switch and sockets used for geyser. Following are the reasons given below:-


Improper Ampere switch or socket

Every switch or socket used at home have some current (ampere) carrying capacity, Lets take an example if a switch /socket is capable to handle 5 Amp of current, but if we connect an appliance to that socket that consumes more current say 10 Amp then due to overloading socket gets overheated and melt or burn. Ampere is the measuring unit for calculating electricity handling capacity of switch or socket. so we have to choose proper size ampere handling switch which is directly related to Geyser Wattage. Since Wattage differs from one geyser to another then question arises how can we find the proper size of socket which is suitable for geyser, we have to use the following formula to find the ampere rating of socket required.

Ampere  =    Geyser’s Watts / Electricity Voltage

For example, Geyser wattage is 2000 Watts and Electricity supply Voltage is 220v

Ampere = 2000/220 =  9 A         

Since in general switches or socket the actual ampere capacity is 80% of the given amperes, this is known as Safe Max Ampere. Now for 9 A, the nearby Safe Max Ampere is 12.8 A with respect to the 16 A switch which means we have to go with 16 A switch/socket for 2000 Watt geyser. If we use less than 16A switch socket for 2000 watt geyser then that will melt/burn in future.

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Now lets take another example Geyser wattage is 3000 Watts and Electricity supply Voltage is 220v

Ampere = 3000/220 = 13.6 A        

for 13.6 A, nearby Safe Max Ampere is 16 A with respect to the 20 A switch which means we have to go with 20 A switch/socket for 3000 Watt geyser. If we use less than 20A switch socket for 3000 watt geyser then that will melt/burn in future.

So above calculation helps to choose the correct size of switch/socket required for Geysers wattage. In most cases people replace old geyser of 2000 watt with new geyser of 3000 watt without bothering about the electric switch/socket. since old geyser i.e 2000 watt was running on 16 A socket whereas new geyser i.e. 3000 watts require 20 A socket, but due to lack of knowledge people don’t replace switch and socket as a result after few days socket/socket get burn/melt.

So Here we conclude that if Geyser switch/socket burns/melt, first check switch/socket ampere is suited to the Geyser wattage or not. if not, replace immediately with correct ampere rating switch/socket.

Geyser switch
Geyser switch
Geyser socket
Geyser socket









After long time Switches/socket become old, worn out corroded or damaged, so it looses current handling capacity results in excessive heat buildup, resulting in melting and burning. Also Low quality switches are made of iron like metals which can be easily corroded with moisture ,leading to a short circuit and overheating. So always for brass made switches/socket of branded company.

Incorrect wiring/loose connection

Improper wiring from MCB main board to Geyser like sharing of geyser wiring with other appliances like lights, fans etc. Always go with separate circuit for geyser wiring from MCB main board, never share geyser wiring circuit with any other appliances. Also use proper size of wire required for geyser wattage, if use lower wire size then it gets overheated causes arcing, sparkling in switches/sockets.

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