What are the method to determine the current carrying capacity of the cable ?

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Cables are used for transfer of electrical energy, cable can carry current depending on various factors below:

  1. By considering cross sectional area of cable, since cross sectional area of conductor is directly proportional to the amount of current carried by the cable.
  2. Resistance of conductor is inversely proportional to the current carrying capacity of cable so we have to consider resistance of cable.
  3. Heat generated in a conductor is directly proportional to the square of the current flowing through it. The maximum amount of current that can flow through a cable without causing a rise in temperature above the permissible limit is considered its current carrying capacity.

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One have to keep this in mind that current carrying capacity of cable affected by factors like temperature, voltage drop and installation method, so before selecting cable for appropriate application one have to consider all above factors or it is advisable to consult qualified Electrical Engineer who have expertise in cable selection.

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