Why Power Plant capacity rated in MW and not in MVA

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Ravi answered

A Power Plant capacity is rated in MW and not in MVA due to following reasons:-

In a power generating station Prime mover i.e. Turbine generates only active power in Watts, Prime mover then rotate generator coupled to this which then converts mechanical power into electrical energy which is further transmitted to transmission lines and then electrical energy being used at homes shops etc. So that we express power plant capacity rating in MW and not in MVA. Which means no matter how large your generator is, but it depends on capacity of Prime mover or turbine i.e. a 50 MW turbine connected to a 90 MVA generator in a power plant will generate only 50 MW power at full load.

Or you can say a power plant rating is expressed in terms of Prime mover/ turbine and not by alternator set coupled to the turbine.

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Robert answered

MVA is the apparent Power i.e. simple product of voltage and current and the power which is supplied and transmitted from generator to load.

MW are the “Real Power” that perform advantageous work, it is always lower than apparent power by an amount called Power factor, power factor less than 1 are caused by load impedences that are not pure resistance.

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