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One Bulb Three switch connection

Today In this article we would discuss a circuit by using that one can operate one bulb from three different places, like if you want to operate a bulb installed outside the house from three different rooms then you can do this by using this circuit.

Equipments to be used in circuit:

  1. Bulb
  2. Two Way Switch
  3. Intermediate Switch

Two Way Switch

Two Way Switch as the name defines is a switch which works on both sides, Normal switches have two terminals one for incoming and another terminal for outgoing supply But Two way switch have three terminals as you can see below:-

Here the center one terminal is a common terminal and outer two terminals is L1 & L2. When we throw switch position to upper side then common terminal makes contact with upper side L1 terminal as shown below:-

On the other hand when we throw switch position to lower side then common terminal makes contact with lower side L2 Terminal, In this way two way switch works.

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Intermediate Switch

Intermediate switch have four terminals named L1, L2, L3 & L4, Here L1 & L2 terminals are incoming points while L3 & L4 terminals are outgoing points. as shown below:

When we throw switch position to upper side then at that time L1 connects to L3 and L2 connects with L4 terminal as shown below:

On the other hand when we throw switch position to lower side then at that time L1 connects with L4 and L2 connects with L3 terminals as shown below:

In this way Intermediate switch works.

Circuit Diagram

In this circuit we have to use two no. two way switches and one no. Intermediate switch and their connections are shown below:

Here red Colour line shows phase wire and black colour wire shows neutral wire, one have to connect all these equipments in a similar fashion as shown above. When Power supply is switched on then Bulb will glow as you can see the flow of current indicated by dots over wires in the below picture.

Case 1

When we throw first two way switch to lower side then bulb will turn off as circuit is not completed due to which there is no phase supply connected to bulb and it is turned off as shown below:

Again when when we throw first two way switch to upper side then bulb will turn on as circuit is completed now and bulb gets both phase and neutral.

Case 2

When we throw Intermediate switch to lower side the bulb will turn off as circuit is incomplete due to which bulb don’t get phase supply and turned off as shown below:

Again when we throw intermediate switch to upper side then bulb will turn on as circuit is completed.

Case 3

When we throw Second No. two way switch to lower side then again bulb will turn off due to incomplete circuit as shown below:

When we again throw two way switch to upper side then again bulb will turn on. So here we discuss the three cases and we find out that from all three switches we can switch the bulb on & off.

I hope you liked this article, Also You can watch the video of above article for more understanding

What is the function of a choke in tube light?

The purpose of the choke is to provide a very high voltage initially between the filaments (across the two ends of the tube light). Again once the gas in the tube is ionized the choke provides a low voltage. A choke is a coil of wire.
Fluorescent tubes/lamps are filled with mercury vapor. They use electric charge to excite mercury atoms in order to produce ultra violet light. A glow starter or commonly known as starter is used in the tube light circuit to provide an initial current to filaments of the tube light.

The function of choke is to provide high voltage enough for ionization to take place in a tube light and after establishment and substenance of ionization, limit the voltage across the tube. That is the reason why a tube fuses when the choke is shorted.

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Gases present in the tube light is of such nature that once the gas ionised then it has a tendency to increase continuously accompanied by a fall in the circuit resistance . in order to limit the current to a safe value choke is used .
choke performs two function
1) providing ignition voltage
2) limiting the current

Choke is nothing but a Transformer. To limit the current in the circuit and to increase the force(Voltage) it is used.

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Now observe below figure

There will be two terminals at both the ends of tube in which two terminals are connected to the starter/thermocouple. And two will serve as phase and neutral.

Choke is connected in series with phase as the tube as hallow space immediately after supply is switched on the electrons won’t flow through the hallow space, so Choke is used to increase voltage to free electrons in the hallow space. It also serves for below purposes.

1.Fuorescent lamp is supplied with constant voltage, which it causes high current in to the hot electrode. Due to high current electrode may get damage. So to minimize the current Choke is used.

2. By minimizing current voltage increases, So the mercury vapour and organ in the hallow space bombard each other and electrons will move freely from one end to another.

Does fire conduct electricity

Fire basically conducts electricity the same way salty water does: both contain some concentration of charged particles that are free to move.
Water contains some concentrations of ions and protons (H++ protons). When there is a voltage difference, the ions will move according to their charge.
The hot gas of the flame contains positively charged ions and electrons, which will move in the same way as the ions in the water. The reason there are ions is that the heat of the gas is such that some of the electrons can free themselves from the attraction of their atoms.

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For sure! Fire contains some plasma, and plasmas have freely-moving charged particles within them. Anything that has freely-moving charged particles conducts electricity.

So metals, which have a sea of mobile negatively-charged electrons on their surface, conduct electricity.